About Us

Our directorate coordinates the arrangement of the strategic plan and performance program of our university and deals with the consolidation of their results; prepares the budget, strategic plan and annual performance of our university, including the following two years’ budget forecasts, and observes and evaluates the appropriateness of the administrative activities; prepares the detailed financial program under the leadership of Budget Department and ensures the transmission of the grant to related units taking the service needs into account. It keeps the budget records in the department of Account and Final Account Department; gathers and evaluates the data from budget application results, and finally arranges the financial statistics with final budget account. The directorate also accrues university incomes and carries out the pursuit, collection and accounting services; and prepares the administrative activity report based on unit activity reports prepared by the expense units under the leadership of Strategy Planning Department.

            Moreover, the directorate organizes the condensed statement of estates and assets of the university; coordinates the investment programs; follows the application results and prepares an annual investment evaluation report. Furthermore, the unit fulfills and concludes the financial works and transactions of other managements in our university; carries out the primary financial controls and works on establishing inner control system, and applying and developing the standards.